Monday, May 24, 2010

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Google Chrome Review
Google Chrome is one of the newest browsers around, designed and created by search engine moguls, Google.It incorporates  many features of Internet Explorer and Firefox while remaining lightweight and easy on the eyes.

Installation and Setup
Chrome’s installation takes only a few seconds, although it uses quite a lot more space than you might imagine, filling up around 100mb of data after a few hours of browsing. It also installs into your AppData folder rather than program files, which is a little confusing and makes it hard to find out where the browser files end and your cache files begin.

Ease of Use

Compared to Firefox and Internet Explorer, Chrome is an incredibly lightweight browser. It doesn’t overwhelm you with options or install tons of different toolbars. On our test system it generally used around half the amount of memory to do the same tasks as Firefox, using around 35-40MB to run 5 normal pages, compared to the 60MB Firefox required. This is great news for people with older systems or anyone fed up with the clutter of the other modern browsers.

The features of Chrome  aren’t all immediately apparent or original, though many are. Starting up the browser shows quick links to your most popular sites, although Opera has used this feature for years and it’s also available with the other browsers via plugins. More unique, Chrome treats each tab as an individual program, so if one single website crashes, you won’t lose everything.
Other features include a privacy mode, easier downloading without using a popup box and streamlined access to search and history functions.
Chrome has a while to go before it’s as compatible and stable as the other browsers, but if you’re looking for a simple alternative to the slower and clunkier modern browsers, Chrome is well worth checking out


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Google Chrome is one of the newest browsers around, designed and created by search engine moguls, Google.It incorporates many features of Internet Explorer

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