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CCleaner Review
CCleaner is a tool designed to reduce this effect by deleting files that you don’t need and removing invalid entries in the registry. After running CCleaner you can expect to have a faster and more reliable computer, you’ll even get more disc space!
Lets start with the developers description of CCleaner:
CCleaner doesn't support the large number of extraneous programs that some competitors do, but it can erase traces from such popular programs as Spybot - Search & Destroy and WinZip. CCleaner now offers secure file erasing along with a Registry-cleaning utility that quickly scans for invalid entries before removing them. CCleaner can even back up your Registry before removal, in case it accidentally removes a crucial component, and the download includes a rudimentary feature for uninstalling any program on your machine.

CCleaner Full Review
Temp files and similar from the following applications:
    * Internet Explorer
    * Recycle Bin
    * Clipboard
    * Windows Temporary files
    * Windows Log files
    * Recent Documents (on the Start Menu)
    * Run history (on the Start Menu)
    * Windows XP Search Assistant history
    * Windows XP old Prefetch data
    * Windows memory dumps after crashes
    * Chkdsk file fragments

Temporary files and recent file lists for the following applications:
    * Firefox
    * Opera
    * Safari
    * Media Player
    * eMule
    * Kazaa
    * Google Toolbar
    * Netscape
    * Microsoft Office
    * Nero
    * Adobe Acrobat Reader
    * WinRAR
    * WinAce
    * WinZip

You may also choose to clean:
    * Menu Order cache
    * Tray Notifications Cache
    * Window Size and Location Cache
    * User Assist history
    * IIS Log Files
    * Custom Folders

We do not recommend you choosing the last six them if you aren’t a advanced user and know what you are doing.

What we think so far:
The list is long, but running CCleaner doesn’t take a lot of time. We have also experienced that we got more disc space to play with after deleting lots of temp files, if you have used your computer for
some time it isn’t unusual that CCleaner would delete several gigabytes of crap. Remember to defrag your hard drive if this happens to you!

The registry cleaning:
CCleaner is designed from the ground to be safe and secure to use. It has
multiple levels of checks in place to ensure that it won’t delete any useful information or documents you may still need.

CCleaner is capable of cleaning the following entries from the registry:
    * File Extensions
    * ActiveX Controls
    * ClassIDs
    * ProgIDs
    * Uninstallers
    * Shared DLLs
    * Fonts
    * Help File references
    * Application Paths
    * Icons
    * Invalid Shortcuts and more…

Our Conclusion:
We have been using CCleaner for several months now, and we think that CCleaner is getting better and better by every program update. Did we mention that CCleaner got a auto update function? There is a new CCleaner release every month so remember to update CCleaner!
Cleaner is fast in use as long as you choose just to delete files, but if you choose the safe file deletion it takes much longer time, but this is normal as the files are overwritten several times. For normal users we would recommend just using the normal deletions method, but if you want your temp files to really be deleted, then go ahead, use the secure file deletion.
The registry cleaner part of CCleaner is not the best registry cleaner out there, but it’s good enough for a normal Windows user. Remember that this piece of software is free! Available in 35 different languages.

    * Freeware
    * Easy in use
    * Fast
    * Doesn’t delete needed files/entries

    * Not the best registry cleaner
ccleaner, free ccleaner downloads, downloadccleaner, ccleaner downloads,ccleaner review, ccleaner, registry cleaner, crap cleaner As you might know Windows has a tendency to get slower over time. CCleaner is a tool designed to reduce this effect by deleting files that you don't need and

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