Friday, December 16, 2011

SmartBear QAComplete Free Download

Test Case Management
Ensure software quality with advanced test case management
Changing requirements, limited resources, and tight deadlines all impact software quality. To improve quality efficiently and make better release decisions, QA and development teams need to plan, understand, and control test case management and manage release activities across all of their releases, builds, and sprints.

QAComplete provides a cradle to grave solution so teams can manage requirements, test cases, releases, defects and artifacts for every software project. QAComplete helps QA and development teams:

    * Gain complete visibility into and control over test case management, release management, and defect management activities. Drill into supporting detail fast so you can make more informed release decisions.
    * Know when your requirements are met with absolute traceability. Use a variety of views to prioritize work on the requirements that remain outstanding.
    * Use advanced test case management views and a central test library to store all your testing assets so you can proactively implement your test strategy. The time you save can be focused on more strategic activities higher up the food chain.
    * Integrate easily with automated testing tools and automate as many tests as possible.

And in case you need to convince your manager to buy it: QAComplete has a compelling value proposition. We offer the same capability as those other vendors for about 80% less! So keep your job and your hair! More features, less stress!

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